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I’m thinking about what I can do other than feel sexual or feeling competitively violent.
All my tendencies gravitate to sex and violence. Violence being energy and strategic thinking in competition with other males.
I suppose there is money to think about and organizing my inventory to think about, but I don’t do those. I suffer from disorganization as a diagnosis.
I suppose I should fight my disorganized behavior, but it’s very difficult and consumes more energy than it should for me. It is actually less energy consuming to think about strategy (violence.)
I associate strategy with violence because they are a lack of peace and exercise of competition. Violence isn’t necessarily breaking the law to me. For instance playing a strategy war game on the computer is an act of violence in my mind. I’m afraid of playing my favorite computer games which involve violence because they put me in a conflictive mindset that affects my other behaviors and how I treat people.
Besides sex, violence (strategy), and perhaps organization, is there other areas that I could consider focusing on?
I really appreciate help adding to my lists. I apologize for the amount of posts I’ve posted recently. I love asking psychologically familiar people for input.
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